Auto Glass Replacement

When you have Auto Glass of Florida install your windshield or other auto glass, you can rest assured it has been done correctly, and that it has been installed by a Certified Technician using the Highest Quality Products available.

We offer professional and trusted Auto Glass Repair, Power Window Repair, Windshield Glass Repair, and Windshield Replacement for residents of Orange City, DeLand, Deltona, DeBary, Wildwood, The Villages, Leesburg, and neighboring Central Florida.

All windshields are D.O.T. ASI safety rated and are OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), or Equivalent for Fit and Finish ensuring the Seal Tolerances and External Appearance are exactly as they were before the replacement. Only OEM Equivalent Sealants and Chemicals are used (we do not take shortcuts we use the products necessary to ensure your safety).

Unfortunately, there are many companies using Inferior Sealants to save money. This results in the windshield coming loose from the Body. We have had to re-do many of these for people, which is how we know it is being done by other companies. Another problem we encounter is that other companies are not priming the body of the vehicle before installing the new windshield. This leaves bare metal that will start rusting within one week. The compatible primer for the correct sealant is very expensive and a lot of companies are not using it because of that reason. Auto Glass of Florida will never cut cost if it means your job will not be done correctly.

It’s pretty simple, Just Do It Right The First Time! Installing the windshield this way also provides a sure bond Installation for you and your family’s safety.

Certified Technicians

Auto Glass of Florida Technicians are AGRSS Certified meaning they have been through the training courses provided by the sealant manufacturers. This ensures that they have the proper knowledge of how to install your windshield using the correct chemicals compatible with the Sealants to make sure of a Contaminant Free Sure Bond Installation for you and your family’s safety.

Our technicians can show you their certifications when they come to work on your windshield. If you are shopping around make sure the Company’s Technicians you are looking into has Certified Technicians, not experts, professionals or professionally trained, but Certified Technicians through Arass or NGA and make sure they can show you their certifications.

We service all of Volusia County for Auto Glass Replacement, such as Deland, Orange City, Deltona, Debary, Daytona Beach and surrounding areas. Contact us today for a Free Quote.